Yama Budo Wine from Ina Wine Factory (伊那ワイン工房)

The Wine Is Wonderful: The Bottle Should Be Bigger!

We have written about Yama Budo Wine before, so if you are unfamiliar with this little-known wine and the grape from which it is made, please use the search function to read our previous postings. Recently, we had the good fortune to taste Yama Budo Wine from Ina Wine Factory (伊那ワイン工房), a family-run winery in Nagano Prefecture close to the border with Yamanashi. If unblended, Yama Budo Wine is sometimes described as being “austere.” It is noteworthy for its exceptionally high levels of acidity, which can leave one not merely salivating but nearly drooling. To temper the beast therein, it is sometimes blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, a varietal that itself occasionally requires the moderating influence of, say, Merlot.

Ina Wine Factory’s Yama Budo Wine delivers the to-be-expected acidity, but this is very nicely balanced by a refreshing sweetness, which the drinker senses first. As should be expected from this type of wine, the abv is low, 8%. This was a totally satisfying experience. The only complaint we had was related to the size of the bottle, 500 ml. Unfortunately, too small for us!

Ina Wine Factory : https://inawine.net/

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