Kurako (蔵子): A Sake Purchased in Aomori’s Main Market

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On the spur of the moment we bought this nihon-shu at the main market in Aomori City. The market should be a stop on any tourist’s list of things to do there. In addition to fish and other foodstuffs for sale, there are a couple of restaurants of note. We enjoyed a delicious and very reasonably priced fried-scallop lunch at one of them.

There is also a small stand selling local alcoholic beverages, which is where we bought this nihon-shu. Kurako sake from Rokka Shuzo (六花酒造) in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture is very pale yellow in color and is high in alcohol, which we like. The flavor profile, as described on the back label, states that it is savory, which it is, and sour, which it is not. It is dry, and we believe well suited for the dinner table. The only flaw was the aroma, which reminded us of some kind of cleanser. It is 18% abv and has a seimaibuai of 60%. It is a Honjozo Genshu, which means it is undiluted, but with brewer’s alcohol added.

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