Shichida Namazake

Sake Tenzan Brewery shichida

Shichida is a sake made by Tenzan Brewery in Saga Prefecture. We tried two namazake (unpasteurized sake), one made from Omachi rice (more about this later) and the other from Aiyama. The former sake had a pleasing nose with liquorice notes, an abv of 17%, and was predominantly sweet. We found it easy to drink but probably not something we would choose at mealtime. The other had a flavor profile of (+) acidity and (-) sweetness, as well as an abv of 17%. The bouquet was subtle. One of us picked up on traces of vanilla.

Omachi rice is something of a heavy hitter in the sake world. According to John Gauntner writing in a recent issue of Sake Industry News, it is “the fourth most widely grown sake rice….” Omachi is closely identified with Okayama Prefecture.

Recommendation level (out of five stars):


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