Miwa Shuzo’s Shirakawago Tansan Junmai Awanigori

Miwa Shuzo’s Shirakawago Tanzan Junmai Awanigori sake

In our last entry we reviewed this kura’s Shirakawago Junmai Nigorizake Dekitate Nama and commented that it was “dessert in a glass.” That descriptor might apply here, as well, but none of us was overly impressed with this offering. The abv is 11%, and it has a nihonshu-do of -50, which means it is very sweet. A little more information might be helpful here. You might be wondering what nihonshu-do is and how a minus can be a plus. The nihonshu-do is a measure of gravity. Alcohol is lighter than water. Residual sugar is heavier. A zero reading would mean that the seesaw is balanced. It is customary to indicate greater heaviness, or sweetness, with a minus sign. It is not unusual to encounter a sake with a -10 nihonshu-do, but -50 is not so common. This measurement, of course, is consistent with what our taste buds perceived. Its seimaibuai is 70%, which means that the rice-polishing removed 30% of the outer portion of the grains. It is in neither in the premium daiginjoshu or ginjoshu categories. The nose is redolent of cotton candy (a.k.a., candy floss) and of ramune, a Japanese soft drink.

Recommendation level (out of five stars):


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