Oosakazuki Oke 53 Gou (大盃 桶53号) Number 53: Fill In the Other Eye

Takasaki is a city in Gunma Prefecture. It is famous for being the birthplace of the Daruma doll. For those unfamiliar with this interesting, Humpty-Dumptyesque object that never falls and the custom surrounding its use, we have included a picture above and will provide a brief explanation. Distilled down to its very essence, the Daruma doll is a motivational device. One purchases the doll with eyes unpainted. Then, thinks of a desideratum and paints in one of the eyes. When the goal has been achieved, the other eye is painted in. The sight of the unfilled socket is thought to prod the owner to persevere, sometimes in the face of adversity, in achieving his objective. As Philip K. Dick might put it, “The Eyes Have It.”

If you desire a rich sake with a silky mouthfeel and beautiful legs indicative of a fine body, buy your Daruma; paint that eye; purchase this sake; and fill in the other eye. Oke 53 Gou, loosely translated as “Tub Number 53 from the Oosakazuki,” or the big sake cup, line will make your Daruma dream come true. The nose is slightly fruity with a hint of apple and akebi, which has a flavor profile not dissimilar to that of marshmallow. On the palate, the sweetness is unmistakable with hardly a trace of acidity. This is a Junmaishu with an abv of 17% and a seimai-buai of 60%. The sake is from Makino Shuzo in Takasaki, Gunma. Get your paintbrushes ready.

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