By-Product and Must-Buy-Product

The Frog and the Eel, Haiku Meets Haute Cuisine

This is the fourth installment of our series on eel.


A successful by-product of the eel business in Hamamatsu is unagipie. This is a cookie-like confection that has become a must-buy-product for many visitors to the city. It is made by Shunkado, which was established in 1887. The Unagipie Pastry was hatched more than fifty years ago. This eel-shaped, biscuit treat contains eel extract, but aside from the shape, bears little resemblance to the fish. This is a very serious business and an apparently very successful one, as well. The bakers, known as “Unagipie Artisans,” train for more than ten years. The ingredients are a closely guarded trade secret, but we at have had Unagipie on many occasions and will render this tasting note: sweetness balanced by butteriness. It is both flakey and crisp. It should be noted that unagipie does not accompany an Unagi no Kabayaki meal. It does, however, pair very well with coffee, as in the illustration below.


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Coffee and Unagipie

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