Tone Nishiki Shiboritate Nama Genshu (利根錦 しぼりたて生原酒): Of Glassware, Sake Label Art, and Roaring Mice

It is not often that we just happen to find a sake bottle with label art that perfectly matches our glassware, but that is what happened when we stumbled upon—no that’s not appropriate here—ran into—no that won’t do, either—encountered—yeah, yeah, that’s it—this Gunma-ken nigorizake which, according to one of our sources, is from the smallest kura in the prefecture. The brewery is called Nagaihonke (永井本家). This mouse that roared weighs in at 19% abv and has a seimaibuai of 70%. For those readers who may not know to what we are alluding with the murine reference, it is to The Mouse That Roared (1959), a political satire starring Peter Sellers. The storyline sees a fictional European microstate with a medieval army comprised of a handful of men declare war on the United States over a trade dispute involving wine. The flyspeck duchy’s objective is to lose and obtain Marshall Plan-like aid. But, but…they win and become the most powerful nation in the world! Check it out.

Oh, we nearly forgot our evaluation of the sake. Sweet and serious: it left us rising and roaring for more.

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