Ozenoyukidoke Shinnengoyosake (尾瀬の雪解け 新年御用酒): Try a Little Filial Imprinting This Winter

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For Some, the Mama Duck

We all learned about ducks and filial imprinting in high school or university. You remember, right? The first thing ducklings see upon hatching is mama duck’s derrière, and they dutifully waddle behind the behind, which is sort of how some people in representative democracies vote, going for the candidate of the party their father and father’s father and even farther back than that father supported, while often not knowing very much about the person. Well, that is pretty much how it is with us and namazake (unpasteurized sake). We had it first on a clear, crisp night in winter and ever since its been a winter tale for us. We tasted Ozenoyukidoke Shinnengoyosake under such conditions, and it met our expectations. We sipped it slowly while watching some cinematic Santa Claus fare, forgetting to put the bottle back in the refrigerator. The last glass we poured for ourselves was considerably sweeter than the first, having nearly approximated room temperature.

Ozenoyukidoke Shinnengoyosake from Ryujin Shuzo (龍神酒造) in Gunma Prefecture is smooth and sweet, like candied apples, an ever-so-pleasant beverage with an abv of 16% and a seimaibuai (rice polishing) of 39%. This is a Junmai sake with no added distilled spirits. It should be drunk cold. Have a sip of Ozenoyukidoke Shinnengoyosake this winter, and get yourself imprinted, okay?

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