Tsuchida K: Something from the Dessert Menu

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Tsuchida K from Tsuchida Shuzo (土田酒造)

This is what one might call a “solitary sake.” As we have just coined this term, it is incumbent upon us to define it. So here you have it: a nihon-shu best consumed without food. It is a sake with a level of sweetness that can readily earn it a place on the best dessert menus. The sweetness lingers long on the palate. Indeed, we have never encountered a sake with a longer finish! It is essentially a liquid confection, which leads us to our next observation. The nose is redolent of confectioners’ sugar. Sniff it deeply and often. Let the drink wash over your tongue. Luxuriate. Notice the legs run down the interior of the glass. But approach it the way you might brandied cherries or Grand Marnier. Although not labeled a Kijoshu (貴醸酒), it is made using the same process of replacing water with sake in the last stage of the fermentation process resulting in a rich and sweet sake. Tsuchida Shuzo is apparently not a member of the Kijoshu Association and, therefore, cannot use the trademark “Kijoshu” to describe their sake. For our past experience with Kijoshu, please see here.

This “dessert” comes in at 17% abv., is made exclusively from Gunma rice, and has a 90% seimaibuai. It also has a nice label with a “K” motif.

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