Takachiyo Sake Brewing Company’s 59 Takachiyo Ipponjime (59 Takachiyo 一本〆) : Harmonious Notes and Good English, Too

#59takachiyo #ipponjime #niigata

Here is a sake that strikes three harmonious notes: sweetness, acidity, and alcohol, ending with a medium (+) finish. Ipponjime is a junmaishu produced by Niigata-based Takachiyo Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. The body is medium (+), which gives it a certain degree of heft, and the abv is 16%. In addition to the pleasant song it plays on the palate, this unpasteurized sake is noteworthy for using 100% Ipponjime rice, a rare strain developed in 1993 in Niigata, and featuring a well-written English explanation on its label. Let the band play on!

For more on the 59 Takachiyo series, please see here.

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