Yoru Beer from Asahi

#yorubeer #asahibeer

In recent years convenience stores have been popping up all over Japan like dandelions in spring. Some neighborhoods appear to be approaching or actually at the saturation point. Perhaps for this reason, some chains appear to be specializing, developing a reputation for certain products or services that will enable them to attract customers away from their competitors. For example, we know of one chain that has a fairly impressive wine selection and another one that has a rather abysmal one. The beer under review this week is available only at 7-Eleven.

As is our custom when we evaluate beverages, we avoided reading the product description until after our assessment. Our assessment: This is a dark beer with smoky notes. Caramel is detectable on the palate. We picked up on a hint of chocolate. However, when we checked the product description, we discovered that the brew contains some coffee. The chocolate we identified was actually the coffee! The abv is 5%. Yoru is a very enjoyable brew.

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