Who we are:

William F. O’Connor, Ed.D., MSSc, M.A., B.A. is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Business Administration at Asia University. He holds Level 3 Certification in Wines and Spirits from Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Ltd. (London), International Kikisake-shi (Sake Sommelier) Certification from SSI International (Sake Service Institute International, Tokyo), and a graduate certificate in Gastronomic Tourism from Le Cordon Bleu and Southern Cross University. He is also certified as a Cider Professional, Level 1, by the United States Association of Cider Makers, a Certified Beer Server under the Cicerone Beer Certification Program, and a Whisky Ambassador. He is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers.

Robin O’Connor, JD, MBA, works as an in-house attorney at a large Japanese company. After work he enjoys having yakitori, Japanese shish kebab, with some chilled sake or barley shochu from Iki, an island in Nagasaki Prefecture. After earning his International Kikisake-shi (Sake Sommelier) certificate in February 2017, Robin has been exploring the sake world. His current obsession is Kijoshu (貴醸酒) a sweet sake reminiscent of Sauternes. Sometimes Robin ventures outside the sake and shochu worlds and enjoys a nice glass of Japanese wine and Japanese whisky. Robin is also certified as a Whisky Ambassador.

We have written a book: Drinking Japan: It’s Not Just Sake (Sanshusha, 2019). For more information on Japanese beverages, please check it out. You can get it at fine offline and online booksellers in Japan, including Amazon.


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